Questions to Ask When Getting Plantation Shutters

If you own a beachfront house or if you like having maximum ventilation, plantation shutters are your best bet. They give you optimal airflow, light and privacy control, making your home a more comfortable one. Should you decide to have these installed, make sure to ask these questions:

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

What materials are used for your shutters?

The most common materials for these shades are hardwood and metal. These materials give your window treatment higher resistance to impact, making it durable. However, a lot of property owners tend to choose wooden shutters because of its elegant look. You can have these painted or stained, depending on your preferences.

Is it treated with eco-friendly finishing?

Keep in mind that wooden shades are treated with substances to protect them from moisture and rot. However, you need to ensure that the finishing used for your shutter is eco-friendly and safe. You would not want to risk getting sick due to toxic components. To make sure that you get eco-friendly and safe items, ask your service provider what substances they use.

How long will the installation take?

For safer and reliable installation, these shades require the expertise of skilled installers. Make sure that your schedule is free for the agreed upon date of installation. It is better than you know how long the process will take. This way, you can plan according to your schedule.

What are the warranty terms?

These products and services come with warranties. Most companies offer repair, maintenance and even replacement warranties, given that the situation fits their terms. Clarify the provisions included in their warranty. Do not agree with any terms without getting a printed and signed copy for protection.

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