Important Facts to share with your Bar Mitzvah DJ

When a Jewish boy reaches the age of 13, he celebrates the coming-of-age ritual known as a ‘Bar Mitzvah’. This means the boy is now ready to become a full-fledged member of the Jewish community, along with all the rules and responsibilities that come with it.

But since it is celebrated in modern times, people seek the help of a Bar Mitzvah DJ to keep the merriment going. Now, aside from giving your DJ a list of the program flow, it’s also important to make him understand the significance of the celebration.

Here are key facts to share with the DJ you’re hiring:

  • Tefillin

A tefillin is a black leather box that contains parchments inscribe with the Shema and passages from the Bible. Because as in Jewish tradition, the Torah commands the men to bind the tefillin onto the upper arm and head with leather straps.

  • Aliyah

Aliyah is the practice of gathering as one of the passages from the Torah is recited out loud. The young boy celebrating his Bar Mitzvah is called upon the stage to have his first passage reading.

That’s why he receives training before the day of the celebration to make sure that he is familiar with the procedure and has memorised the blessings to be recited before and after the passage reading.

  • Speech

As a customary part of the celebration, this is where the celebrant shares what he has learned so far from the Torah and how he will apply it to his everyday life. It also gives him the opportunity to thanks his friends, family and mentors for making the event a memorable one.

  • Second Party

Remind your disk jockey that it is a formal religious tradition. And if you want everyone to have a great time, eating delicious food and dancing to good music, have a second party after the ritual.

By telling your Bar Mitzvah DJ how this kind of celebration goes, he can properly line up the songs to play, making sure it is timely with every stage of the ritual. Book one on your special day when you visit Aaron David Productions’ website today!

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