Lawyer is a noble profession

Lawyers are evil. That is what usually people describe lawyers. They are defending the criminals, protecting the corrupt, and intimidate the victims. Some even says they usually take these cases for the money, they are corrupt. This may be true to some; however it is not correct to generalize the whole profession as evil.

Attorney Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey) in his movie Liar Liar

Path to being a lawyer

Like many profession, being a lawyer takes time and effort. In Australia, there are steps to complete in order to practice as a lawyer.
First, you have to finish undergraduate law programs. This is one of the basic requirements in order to apply for law school. Second, you have to enter an Australian university’s law program. Every university focuses on different areas of law, you may want to check if the university you’re enrolling is specializing on your interest. Third, you may join an internship programs or take a practical legal training (PLT) course. This can give you a practical experience working in a law firm. Lastly, you should pass the Bar exam.

Types of Lawyers

Lawyers are not just limited working inside the court. There are different types of lawyers and each one is specializing in different area.
There are bankruptcy lawyers, business/corporate law attorney, civil rights attorney, criminal defense attorney, employment lawyer, environmental lawyer, family and divorce lawyer, estate attorney, and many more. Each one focusing on different aspects.

Environmental lawyers are hired by companies to ensure that their business is in compliance with the environmental laws. Companies will need to consult an environmental specialist to ensure that they are not breaking any laws from their company’s day to day activities.

Employment lawyers are ensuring that employees have their labor rights in place. They can act as the third-party between employees and employers should there be any problems or conflicts.

Family and divorce lawyer’s handles the different family law issues that may occur during divorce, from child custody, division of properties, and child support.

Not all lawyers are evil

Keanu Reeves & Al Pacino in their movie Devils Advocate

Keanu Reeves & Al Pacino in their movie The Devil’s Advocate

Most lawyers are just doing their jobs. Their jobs may not look right for common people however they have a sworn duty to defend their clients. To generalize all of them as evil is not good.

We have to look at the other types of lawyers; there are lawyers that are indeed helping the innocents. There are those who helps ensure that people are getting the rights that they deserve. We should commend those people who dutifully doing their jobs. You’ll never know when you might need one.

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