How to Decorate Your Home with Plantation Shutters

If you have been wanting to give your home an upgrade, why not go for plantation shutters? These are inexpensive window treatments that certainly give your place that much needed a boost. Here are some ways you can tastefully decorate these fixtures:

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Place it on Your Porch

If you are channelling a rustic and country-themed home, consider having these placed on your porch. These window treatments lend your space the privacy it needs, making it easier for you to spend time with family and friends. To go the extra mile, make sure the colours match your interiors and furniture. Some elegant and timeless colours that would work well for many homes are mint green or a Tiffany blue.

Additional Bathroom Privacy

If you want extra privacy in your bathroom, make sure to add these shutters right away. These make for the perfect addition since it can still let the light in whilst protecting your privacy. Go for a nautical-themed design and play towards a coastal aesthetic.

Lower Half of a Window

A plantation shutter is known for its ability to cover the whole length of your space or your window. However, there are many design trends which actually allow you to cover only the lower half of your window. This allows you to let lots of natural light in, especially during the day. To decorate your home with matching interior pieces, consider opting for neutral or pastel shades. Likewise, make sure to drape a curtain over to add a whimsical and fresh touch.

Darker Colours

Many homeowners want a sleeker and more modern looking house. Consider having your shutters painted in a darker colour. This will help streamline your place, add drama and make it look bigger than ever before. In fact, this will highlight all your furniture and accent materials, so make sure that these carefully curated pieces match your aesthetic.

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