A Guide to Sports Field Line Marking

For operators of sporting events, one of the most important yet less talked-about must-haves in any venue is sports field line marking.


A Brief History

During the late 19th century, each sport starts to come up with their own rules, which led to different field designs with corresponding arrangements called line marking.

Most games are usually played on grass surfaces with designated arrangements. Early materials that were used for sports field line marking are dust and wood shaving. As time passed by, the demand for a more effective tools increases. Thus, the use of chalk and limestones become common. These materials produce bright and highly visible colours that reflect light, making them the most useful tools for various sports.

However, both chalk and limestones don’t last as they can be easily washed out by rain. Inventors then developed the use of grass killers or creosote, a chemical that is widely used for wood preservative. This step effectively killed off the grass making the lines more visible as ever. Unfortunately, the process of using creosote as an alternative for chalk and limestone is now illegal.

Materials for Marking

Nowadays, we now have a wide range of effective and environmental-friendly markers and machines that are available in the market. Here are some of them:

  • Powders

These are chalk-based non-permanent material that can only be used on grass surfaces. Powders can also be mixed with either water or emulsion to produce a liquid marker.

  • Paint

A permanent type of marker, paints can be used for marking playgrounds, car parks and indoor courts and halls. Usually applied by a brush or a roller, they are used for areas that need frequent cleaning.

  • Dry-Line Markers

The best machine for creating accurate, visible lines. Dry-line markers can be easily used in grass, gravel and clay surfaces.

  • Aerosol Markers

Available in well-curated designs including a handheld device and two or four-wheel markers, Aerosol markers are known to provide convenient and more visible application among all.

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