Beauty Tips From Your Trusted Makeup Artist

Makeup is a creative way of expressing yourself. After all, your face is your own canvas and makeup artist is someone who makes a living out of making people beautiful. Beauty comes in different shapes and form, depending on the brush you’re using. Therefore, an artist has their own ways when it comes to playing around cosmetics.

Here are 5 beauty tips from the professionals:Makeup Artist Brushes

Tip #1: Use Moisturizer for a radiant base.

Always apply moisturizer before applying any cosmetics. This product prepares the skin and gives that dewy glow. It also gives the needed minerals and moisture to avoid skin damage.

Tip #2: Put powder in-between primer and foundation.

Powder usually comes after the foundation. But if you want your makeup to last all day, then you should try this hack. Set your primer with lightweight translucent powder before putting on the foundation. This way, your primer is locked in and won’t slide around your foundation.

Tip #3: Familiarise yourself with the colour theory.

In mastering the colour theory, you are able to know the right shades and colours to put on our face. So if you have redness in some parts of your face, you can add a green-toned concealer for correction. Take into consideration your skin undertone, texture and eye colour.

Tip #4: Eyeshadow placement according to eye shape.

We all know the saying, “less is more.” This means we need to moderate what we put on our face.

If you have smaller eyes, it’s advisable that you stay away from heavy and dark shades in your lid and waterline area as this may make your eyes look even smaller. Instead, use a light colour in your inner corners of your eyes and nude or white pencil on the inner rims to make the wider eye effect.

Tip #5: Use powder to make lipstick last.

If you want long-lasting lipstick, try adding powder on your lips. Line and fill your lips with a lip liner that matches your lipstick’s colour. Then, apply a layer of lipstick with a brush. Blot the colour with a tissue paper and dust a light layer of translucent powder.

These beauty tricks can work on everyone. However, these are too much for an amateur. To get a flawless application of cosmetics, why not hire a makeup artist instead? Contact Bunny and Bohe for more information.