Wedding Photography: Trends to Look For

You only get married once. As a result, you might want to take advantage of the moment and keep this day with you forever. You can do this with the help of a professional wedding photographer. They can help you get the hottest looks and all the latest trends in wedding photography.



If you want a day to remember, here are some unique trends to try:

  • Destination Engagement Shoots

Couples looking to get away and explore a new place might be into a destination engagement shoot. Some popular places today are Iceland, Paris, Greece or even Hawaii. Many people who have the budget choose to go to these destinations not to experience new places, but to get great pictures of the place.

Think of this as hitting two birds with one stone. Aside from being shot in beautiful landscapes, you also get to see stunning views. If you are a couple seeking some time away from all the stress, try going for a destination engagement shoot.

  • Drone Wedding Photography and Videography

With many people wanting to capture their intimate wedding from all angles, there is no surprise that drones are used. Aside from being a more affordable option compared to traditional methods, drones are can be easily operated by photographers and videographers. Indeed, a top view of the occasion will let you see how your ceremony looks like. It also pays that drones can capture spectacular views of your venue.

  • Stylish Clothes

With the influence of art streaming into fashion, there is no wonder why people are becoming more fashion-forward with what they wear. Aside from wearing off-the-rack garments, many couples today invest in getting clothes fit for the runway. In fact, designer clothing is all the rage these days.

Wedding photographers welcome your great style. After all, this translates wonderfully on film. Make sure your special day is not like the rest. With Lee Calleja Thomas Photography, you can work with talented and creative people who can make your dreams come true.

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