Best Breakfast: Why It’s Important

As your alarm snoozes, you might probably wake up craving for the best breakfast you can possibly have. Whether it’s a combination of fresh eggs, crispy bacon, tomatoes, and mushrooms or just a slice of toast with Aussie’s favourite vegemite spread, we can all agree that breakfast is the most important meal of our day. However, you might be stuck on a busy Monday schedule forcing you to skip your morning meal.

Why is it essential?

You might have heard hundreds of stories about the importance of eating breakfast. Additionally, morning meal has proven to have an effect on your body because the time between dinner and the next morning’s meal is the longest that your body goes without food. Eating after 2 hours as you wake up can make a difference in the way your body metabolises blood sugar or glucose.

What are the benefits I can get from eating breakfast?

1. Eating in the morning may protect your heart

Studies found that people who don’t eat in the morning gain more weight. If not handled properly, gaining so much weight can lead to high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure—which can result in heart disease.

2. Food keeps you moving

Filling your body with as many nutrients and vitamins as possible can boost your day. Super-foods such as eggs and whole grain can give you enough nutrients value to keep you productive and motivated throughout the day.

3. It can improve your memory

You should know that your body needs carbohydrates for a healthy brain functioning. Furthermore, it can improve your memory and concentration levels.

4. Breakfast can save you from overeating

Consuming meal in the morning highly decreases your hunger and cravings. As your appetite decreases, you are less likely to eat, saving you from all the extra calories which can possibly lead to obesity.

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